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Terms and Conditions

Holiday rental
This agreement is made on the basis that the house is to be occupied by the renter for a holiday for a specified period. It is a contract between the house owner and the renter/applicant (named on the booking application). The renter must be over 21 years of age; will have responsibility for the property and must have the authority to ensure that all members of the party observe these booking conditions.

Full payment is required to secure your booking.
Payments and refunds are managed via  STRIPE
Receipts for payments made will be issued on demand.

All cancellations must be made in writing. Please note that the following terms and charges will apply:

At least 6 months prior to arrival:          A full refund of monies paid.
60 days to 6 months prior to arrival:    The applicant is liable for 30% of the cost of the holiday or £100, whichever is the lower.
60 days or less prior to arrival:              The applicant is liable for the full cost of the holiday

If, however, the owner is successful in re-letting the property for some or all of the same period they shall return the rent paid for the period which has been re-let, less any costs necessarily incurred to re-let the property, e.g. advertising, administration. No assurances can be offered that this will be so; therefore, holiday insurance is strongly recommended.

Changes to a Booking
Applicants wishing to change reserved holiday dates may do so providing the property is available, and the owner is in agreement. An administration fee of £15 may apply

No Smoking Policy
The owners operate a strict no smoking policy within the house.

The number of guests permitted to stay in the house shall not exceed 6 people. Under no circumstances can the prescribed number of persons be exceeded.

The house has a number of staircases, one of them is open. There is a low window on the upper floor which is also not suitable for young children. We, therefore, accept only children over the age of 12.

We regret that no pets are allowed.

Times and Duration of Letting
Rentals commence at 4.00pm on the day of arrival (or earlier by prior arrangement) to 10.00am on the day of departure. It is important that these times are adhered to so that the accommodation can be properly prepared for you and subsequent renters. The renter will be liable for any extra costs incurred for attempting to stay beyond the departure time. All keys are to be returned to the owner‘s representative as agreed.

Renters’ obligations
The renters agree to:

• take good care of the property during occupation maintaining all furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects in the same state of repair as at the commencement of the holiday;

• use the property and its contents in a safe and appropriate manner;

• read instruction booklets before use of appliances;

• keep the property secure and lock (where locks exist) all windows, shutters and doors whenever the property is left unoccupied and comply with security and safety precautions;

• not to use the property or any part of it for any of the following, nor allow anyone else to do so: activities which are dangerous, offensive, noxious, noisome, illegal or immoral, or which are or may become a nuisance or annoyance to the owner, or to the owner or occupier of any neighbouring property;

• not to act in any way which will or may result in the insurance of the property being void or voidable, or in the premium for the insurance is increased, nor allow anyone else to do so;

• leave the property in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found; (an additional cost will otherwise be incurred to cover the extra cleaning)

• report any damage or breakage immediately to the owner’s representative.

• pay the costs arising from any breakages, damage to furniture or fittings, removal of any items from the property, damage to the exterior of the property including any damage to neighbours property.

• not make any noise at the property which is audible from outside it between 10 pm and 8 am;

• place refuse, surplus food and unwanted articles in bin liners inserted in the waste bins provided and, if full, to dispose of the contents of the bins in the refuse container outside of the house and to replace disposed of bin liners with fresh empty ones.

• not drop any litter in the street or surrounding areas;

• not block the waste pipes and drains;

• not tamper with the electrical, water or sewage services, pipes or equipment.

Damages and Breakages
The £1,000 damage bond will be refunded in full by the owner – within 10 days of the end of the letting period – providing an inspection of the property reveals all to be in good order. Should this not be the case, the cost of any damages or breakages will be paid for from this bond, and the remainder refunded. Any damages incurring costs over and above the £1,000 damage bond will be invoiced with payment required immediately by return.

Reasonable Access
The owner and their representative retain the right to enter the property at any time.

Problems or Complaints
In the event of there being any problems or deficiencies with the accommodation or contents, the matter should be reported to the owner’s representative at once. Prompt notification by the renter is required to enable remedial action to be taken. No complaints will be accepted, or correspondence entered into where complaints are made at the end of a rental.

The owner cannot accept any liability for:
• any injury sustained by any person;
• loss of, or damage, to any property, brought onto the premises;
• noise, nuisance or disturbance resulting from building works, noisy neighbours or local events etc.;
• disruption of service from utility suppliers
• closure of shops or amenities described in the property details.

Breaking the Terms and Conditions
The owner reserves the right to terminate the rental, without refund, if there shall be a breach of any of these conditions. This is without prejudice to any of the other rights and remedies available to the owner.

Non Availability of Property
In the event of the property becoming unavailable (e.g. through fire or other natural disasters) the rental is automatically cancelled or ended, and the owner will refund all monies paid, or if the letting has commenced, proportionately any part of the rent for any period for which the property cannot be used. In no event shall the liability of the owner to the renter exceed the rental paid for the property.

Last updated Friday 21st June 2019

Terms and Conditions